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5 Tips on Cooking and Eating Organic

Eating natural foods is best for you body. It is the best way to keep your body fit and healthy. Moreover, you do not have to concern yourself about harmful side effects. You will find out that organic cooking is not different from cooking ordinary food that you usually do at home. Cooking organically is healthier for you. Also, you will be spared from the ingestion of the various noxious man-made chemicals, poisons, and pesticides. It is the best food choice for you.  Cooking organically helps maintain the food’s vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Cooking and eating organic, you are not just supporting your own health; you are also helping the eco-systems where the organic foods are raised.

Tips on Cooking and Eating Organic

A lot of benefits and advantages can be derived from cooking and eating organic food. There are some tips that you can simply follow when you are cooking and eating organic food products. These tips will surely make your dishes taste better and flavorful.

  • Take advantage of spices

Spices are staple ingredients in every dish. Spices enhance our food’s tastes and make our food more enticing to our palate. If you like to add spices in your cooking, you must make a convenient project out of it. To familiarize yourself with spices, try using one spice at a time. You can use one type of spices for a week and try to find a way to add it in a couple of dishes during that week. If you are not an expert in the kitchen and do not know a lot in using various spices to complement your dishes, you can start by using the commonly used spices in the kitchen such as onion, garlic, pepper, paprika, allspice, ginger, hot pepper sauce. You may turn to recipes found in books and online for more dishes with spices.

  • Start eating raw organic food

Eating raw organic foods does not mean eating food straight from the source. It means that eat more foods that can be eaten raw such as fruits and vegetables. Do you often wonder why they say that salad is healthy? It is because the greens are only washed and blanched and served. Cooking and food processing only deplete the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in the food. As much as possible, avoid cooking with oil. Oil tends to destroy the natural antioxidants contained in the food. Make sure to eat green foods. Green and leafy vegetables are only some of the food that you can really eat raw. You will not be overdose on green as they will restore and clean your body swiftly because of the amount of fiber contained in the food.  Lastly, as much as possible, try to avoid processed food products such bottled, canned, frozen and boxed foods.

  • Make delicious organic sauce

Many people like foods that come with great sauces. However, processed or ready-made sauces contain preservatives and additives that may be harmful to one’s health when accumulated. If ever you need a synthetic or processed food to make your dish tasty, use only very minimal amount. Making a sauce for your pasta dishes is very easy; you can find organic ingredients to make your healthy sauce. Yes, it may be time-consuming; however, it is a labor of love and is definitely healthier. It is way better if you will not eat pasta, but if you cannot resist it, make sure that you have an organic tomato sauce. Making organic sauce is easy. You can search the internet for more organic sauces and how to make them.

  • Other tips in cooking and eating organic

Use sea salt in cooking organically. You must read the labels carefully and make sure you understand the differences between the various organic labels. Keep your dishes simple because organic foods are very flavorful and don’t need much embellishment. Try to use fresh herbs when possible so that it will taste better. Also, try not to use the microwave. Simmering, steaming and searing all add flavor. You should not buy more than a few days worth if you are using fresh foods and be careful how you store leftovers.

Eating organic foods is easy and healthy for your body.  It also keep you body fit so if you are conscious about your health or your figure, try eating organic foods now.

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