The allspice tree is one of those finicky members of the plant family that only grows in certain areas of the world. Jamaica is well known for allspice tree growth, but some South American countries have also been successful in growing and harvesting allspice berries. Different types of allspice berry oil are made using not only the berries, but the stems and leaves as well.

When allspice berries are steam distilled, very light and very heavy chemicals emerge. Those chemicals are combined to produce allspice berry oil. Leaves and stems are also used to produce allspice oil, but the berry distillation process produces better oil. The end product doesn’t contain as much eugenol so it’s kinder to sensitive skin.

The initial harvest of green allspice fruit takes place when the trees are eight years old. Ripe fruit loses its scent so there is a time element involved in producing quality allspice essential oil from the soon to be ripe fruit. Essential allspice berry oil can be combined with leaf and stem oil as well as cloves. This mixture produces a fiery oil, and it should be used with care.

For centuries allspice berry oil has been used to treat insect bites, headaches, colds, muscle distress, and sinus issues. It’s well known for its antioxidant value so long term users stand behind the claims that the oil reduces the signs of aging. Allspice berry oil is used to improve vision, to stop hair loss, improve hearing, and to relieve nervousness and mild anxiety. The analgesic and anesthetic properties of allspice berry oil as well as the warming, cheering, and comforting effects of the oil make it a rock star in the aromatherapy world.

The warm, spicy-sweet aroma, and balsamic body note cultivate a scent of pepper, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Allspice berry oil is frequently combined with lavender, ginger, geranium, yiang-yiang, neroli, and patchouli to enhance healing properties, improve sleep patterns and to bring a sense of euphoria to each moment in the now.

The possible cancer preventing as well as the carcinogenic inhibiting qualities of the oil, plus the antibacterial, digestion, and circulation benefits of the allspice essential oil puts it in a unique class of aromatherapy oils that have an impact on the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the human psyche.

Allspice berry oil is used in mist spray form as well as a massage oil, and an inhaler. Steam inhalation and a bath additive are also popular ways to use this versatile oil that can reduce cellulite, relax the body, relieve cold symptoms, and reduce annoying flatulence.

In this modern age, allspice berry oil tops the list of natural aromatherapy essential oils that can help the cells regenerate without frustrating side effects.