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Is Organic Food Expensive?

Organic foods is very safe to eat and healthy not just in our body but also in environment. It is free from harmful chemicals and toxins that may affect us in the future if consume. It also boosts our immunity system. But with all the benefits of organic foods, one of the main reasons why the demand is very low is that it is very expensive. Even the demands from those people who want to eat organic foods aren’t enough to lessen the cost of the organic foods.

There are a lot of reasons why the organic food is far expensive than the conventional foods. Retailers selling organic foods are using the popularity of the organic foods to sell them at a much higher price aside from the fact that growing these organic foods takes a lot of effort and money.

In growing organic foods, the numbers of crops that are being produced are far way smaller than conventional crops. The production costs are very high in organic farming. Many organic farmers don’t use herbicides or pesticides so they have to weed some crops like onions and carrots and the entire pest by themselves. This intensive labor is one of the reasons why organic foods are really expensive. Of course, it is justified that organic farmers must sell it in a high price to reward their effort.

Also, one of the reasons is that the conventional agriculture is heavily subsidized by the taxes of the citizens with the help of the government, while organic farming gets no subsidies from the government at all. Aside from that, the organic farmers can’t use sewage sludge, which is very cheap to buy, and chemical fertilizers, which are both cheap to buy and cheap to transport. Because of that, the organic farmers needed to fertilize their land with the use of compost and animal manure which is bulkier and more expensive to them.

Some of the reasons too are that the demand exceeds the supply. So the result is that the people who sell organic foods are taking advantage of the demand and sell the organic foods at a much higher price. While there are many people who are trying organic foods, there is only a limited number of farmers who are producing them so this creates a competition which in raises the prices of the product.

Also, the small number that is yield means the farmers have to sell it in higher price. As the organic foods produces small numbers of crops than conventional foods while the transport and packaging costs is the same as the conventional foods, this gives the retailers the reason to put it to a higher price. As there are fewer numbers of organic foods, the expense allocated to each crop is higher than that of conventional foods.

As the organic farming requires a lot of things that are not needed in conventional farming, it is justified that the farmers who grow the crops will sell the crops in a much higher price to the consumers. But if the demand for organic foods becomes higher, the government might one day subsidize the organic farming to lessen the cost of organic foods.

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