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10 Toxic Plastics Hiding In Plain Sight

When I wrote a post on plastic as a pollutant I started to pay closer attention to what I bought and how I used and reused it. We all know that things like single use bags and plastic water bottles are things to avoid. But upon closer look I realized that toxic plastic was literally hiding in plain sight and I had gotten so used to it I didn’t see it!
Ten Toxic Plastics In Our Homes

1. Food Cans: Yes, even organic food! Many companies are changing from BPA lined cans. Unfortunately, they don’t say what they’re using instead. Eden Foods is a brand that labels their cans “BPA free”. The solution: cook your own beans and use fresh fruit and vegies.

2. Shower Curtains: For me this was one of the hiding in plain sight plastics! A shower should be cleansing and uplifting, not toxic! Vinyl shower curtains contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phthalates and organotins. The solution: a PEVA shower curtain, non toxic and pvc free.

3.Tooth Brush: Another hiding in plain sight for me. So common, so used to it, I didn’t pay attention! The solution: a bamboo brush, very cool! Look Here.

4. Combs and Brushes: I’m thinking heating your plastic round brush with the blow dryer can not be good! The solution, look into Bass brushes.

5.Milk Cartons: Milk cartons are not waxed. That ended in the ’40’s. They are lined with two layers of polyethylene. Solution: I see glass bottles now and then but I drink almond milk so I’m going to start making my own.

6. Ice Cream Cartons: The problem is if it’s a paper carton and it contains something soft or liquid the package probably has plastic in it. Solution: Shop wise, eat better.

7. Soda Cans: Another reason that I gave up soda! Like food cans, soda cans are lined with plastic. I make my own drinks now. Solution: If you drink soda buy it in bottles.

8. Cash Register Receipts: Thermal receipts contain BPA that is easily absorbed through the skin. Using hand sanitizers actually increases the absorption rate. Solution: If you take a reciept, store it in an envelope not in your wallet. Wash your hands with plain (not antibacterial) soap and water. The best solution is to ask for an emailed receipt or not take one at all.

9. Medicine: Medicines labeled “enteric coated”, “safety coated”, “controlled release” and “time released” are coated with a plastic film. Unfortunately the FDA does not require companies to reveal what a pill is coated with. Solution: Read labels carefully and avoid pills with these labels as much as possible.

10. Your Purse or Briefcase: Just about everything made of “faux leather” has plastic in it. Solution: Buy real leather (if you must) or canvas bags.

So what do you think? Did you have any plastics hiding in plain sight? Do you have one to add?
Let me know!

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