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Top 10 Foods That You Should Never Eat Non-Organic

Why you should avoid non organic foods? The answer is simple: You need to be healthy. Non organic foods or products may (or certainly) contain chemicals that may harm the body. Vegetables and fruits that make use of non organic farming methods utilize pesticides and chemicals to further growth.

Non organic fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides to ensure the best produce. Chemicals are sprayed on the plant to control the damage of the crop and to produce more. Fertilizers are essential to further the growth of the crops and to yield large volume.

However, this farming method poses a big problem to the consumers’ health. Pesticides and fertilizers contain chemicals that harm the body organs and may stimulate degenerative diseases within our body to start pounding more toxins.

For one, cancer is the common problem. Toxins and harmful chemicals trigger the formation of cancer lumps which will in turn complicate more problems in the body. There are many other diseases that are triggered by non organic foods.

But how to avoid the complications of non organic foods? Avoid non organic foods. Below is a list non organic food that you should truly take a deep thought first before you take a crunch:

  • Peaches

The delicious skin of peaches can give you much satisfaction but if you are eating non organic peaches, beware. Peaches absorb all the chemicals that are sprayed on it. Yes, not a single drop of pesticide will be wasted. A single peach has 100 % non organic waste within it as you eat.

  • Apples

To further the growth of apples, certain banned chemicals are sprayed on it. With an 89 % rating, you should carefully choose your apple. There are 36 chemicals present in a non organic apple that you will be digesting as you take a bite.

  • Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are sensitive crop that needs constant care. Pesticides are used in bell peppers to take away the problem of ants destroying the crop. But pesticides also bring bell peppers to an 86% non organic rating.

  • Celery

You want something to add taste for a dinner table? Celery contains 94% of the chemicals sprayed on it making it a number one threat to your health.

  • Nectarines

Experts found 97% chemical residue among nectarines. Its non organic rating is 84%. And you should be worry about it.

  • Strawberries

In buying strawberries, do not get non organic. Although, you will love the taste of strawberries but it will also give you 82% non organic rating.

  • Cherry

When farming cherry, it is important to spray pesticides to get the best fruit that you want. You will have 75% non organic rating.

  • Pears

Pears contain 64% non organic rating. Depending on the farm or importation, the non organic components may vary.

  • Spinach

Spinach farming may make use of the strongest chemicals to protect this sensitive crop but chemical residues will also be your big problem.

  • Lettuce

Lettuce leaves may have bugs which will necessitate farmers to spray chemicals. Those chemical retain in the leaves giving you a handful of problem.

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